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7 Chia Ping Road
Singapore 619972

Tel:(65) 6262 1161
Fax:(65) 6262 1171
Email: topcable@singnet.com.sg
Website: www.topcable.com

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Nature of Business

Top Cable, an internationally recognised manufacturer of electric cables, is highly thought of by many professional Engineers & Electricians around the world. As a Multi-national Corporation with offices and warehouse located around the globe, Top Cable is committed to providing the best products and services to our clients worldwide.

Top Cable was started in 1985, and since then has been focusing on investment in technology which sustains advancement, through extensive research and development programmes. The aim is to continuously improve our cables and to ensure a large production capacity that meet the various demands in the global economy.

Top Cable's products have passed stringent standards as set forth by both Spanish and European Union certifying bodies which guarantee the quality of our products. Our company strongly believes in selecting the best raw materials, adopting rigorous control systems and employing the latest technology in all our production.

We manufacture a Wide range of cables ranging from control cables for specialised applications to larger power cables for medium voltage applications in various industries. We supply cables for construction projects, railway, mining, marine, aeronautical, military, OEM's and renewable energy plants. Conductors can be manufactured in both copper and aluminium with insulating materials varying depending on the application. Every part of the cable is specifically selected and the final product is produced to the highest quality, meeting international standards such as ISO 9002, IEC and CE.

Brand Names

POWERFLEX/XLPE/PVC -- Cables (power)
POWERHARD -- Cables (armour)
TOP SOLAR/PVIF -- Solar cables
TOXFREE -- Halogen free / green products
X-VOLT -- Cables (medium voltage)
XTREM H07RN-F/DN-F 0.6/1kV -- Cables (neoprene / rubber)


Organisations, Services -- Building & Construction Services
Electrical -- Conductors & Cables

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