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Reg. No. (UEN):200401198E

1 Kaki Bukit Road 1
#03-27/28 Enterprise One
Singapore 415934

Tel:(65) 6297 3560
Fax:(65) 6297 3584
Email: enquiry@g-u.com.sg
Website: www.g-u.com.sg

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Nature of Business

Gretsch-Unitas Group

Opening, moving, closing, securing
The GU group is one of the leading suppliers of window and door technology, automatic entrance systems and building management systems. It manufactures and distributes architectural hardware, locks, locking systems and access control systems of the GU, BKS, FERCO and ela-soft brands. With their comprehensive spectrum of compatible products, the GU group offers hardware solutions for burglar-inhibiting windows and doors, barrier-free construction, doors in escape and rescue routes and individual facade solutions for projects, always "Securing technology for you".
In short: Gretsch-Unitas group is one of the leading suppliers of window and door technology, automatic entrance systems and building management systems. It manufactures and distributes architectural hardware, locks, and locking and access control systems of the GU, BKS, FERCO and ela-soft brands.

The system brand logos - the Group's companies

Gretsch-Unitas GmbH Baubeschläge, Ditzingen

The company management is located at Gretsch-Unitas GmbH Baubeschläge site in Ditzingen, where development, administration and production also takes place. State-of-the-art architectural hardware for window and door technology is made here. Apart from different flexible assembly departments, the production site comprises a high-tech punching, galvanising and anodising facility.

BKS GmbH, Velbert
BKS GmbH manufactures mechanical and electronic locking cylinders, locks and locking systems for the door technology as well as panic locks for escape and rescue routes and escape door safety devices. Harmonised mechanical and electronic system solutions are available for access control. BKS GmbH has belonged to Gretsch-Unitas group since 1983.

GU Automatic, Rietberg
GU Automatic is renowned worldwide for its innovative, secure and reliable solutions for automatic entrance systems and door automation, revolving doors, all-glass sliding walls, security curved sliding doors and controlled physical access. GU Automatic has belonged to Gretsch-Unitas group since 2001.

ela-soft, Berlin
Since 1990, ela-soft has been developing non-proprietary building management systems and management systems for security and communication technology. With GEMOS, the successful facility management and organisation system, which integrates all the technical subsystems into a central, simple-to-operate interface, ela-soft counts amongst the market and technology leaders in the building technology sector.

Business areas of the Gretsch-Unitas Group

Window technology
– effortless tilting, turning, lifting and sliding

GU group ensures that windows are convincing in terms of their function, security and aesthetics – for all kinds of window shapes, opening types, profiles and materials. Owing to its special systems expertise, Gretsch-Unitas can be your reliable partner – whether you need standard hardware with high quality workmanship or a special solution adapted to individual requirements.

Door technology – opening the door to the future

As system supplier, Gretsch-Unitas offers a comprehensive range of products to allow doors to be opened and closed conveniently and safely. We offer a whole world of solutions for doors, ranging from hardware to locking technology and multi-point locking through to digital control. This means we can turn every single door into a system that is perfectly harmonised with the requirements in each case.

Automatic entrance systems – shaping the world of entrances

Entrance systems offer transparency, security and convenience, but also contribute towards energy efficiency and frequently play a role in fire prevention. Gretsch-Unitas offers its customers the right solution to meet this challenge: automatic doors that satisfy the highest expectations in terms of the various functions they perform.

Building management systems – overview of the entire system

How, what, who and when? Efficient building management provides credible answers to these questions by controlling and monitoring processes. Although many of the core requirements are the same for all projects, they are also equally diverse when it comes to detailed implementation, from computing centres to football stadiums through to prisons. Gretsch-Unitas is familiar with the requirements and processes and delivers systematic tailor-made solutions.


Doors & Windows -- Automatic Entrance Doors
Doors & Windows -- Door Hardware
Doors & Windows -- Window Hardware
Doors & Windows -- Windows



New residential high-rise buildings are being built in the world's metropolises. They include glass facades with numerous functions and the most exacting requirements in terms of design. Gretsch-Unitas provides individual facade solutions which make these envelopes of airy living possible.

As one of the international market leaders in window and door technology, the Gretsch-Unitas Group is the competent partner for Tilt & Turn hardware. The Tilt & Turn hardware range contains one-stop solutions that can be used in any situation and are also aesthetically appealing.

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