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Nature of Business

Busways Pte Ltd
We deliver what we promise.

Formerly known as Busways Engineering Services Pte Ltd, Busways Pte Ltd is a mechanical and electrical engineering contractor that started in 2006. Focusing on Industrial Plants, Commercial, Residential & Data Centre, the 150 employees strong company has serve TOP 20 MNC & SME in Singapore.

Growing over time
Based on 2017's results, the company handles 50 projects per year, and manages 20 ongoing projects on a monthly basis. In 2018, the company also had an annual turnover of $23 million.

Our 3 principle of works involves the following:

  1. Supply and installation of electrical LV and MV busduct, primary power distribution network equipment and cabling infrastructures
  2. Design, customise, fabrication & install of metal works such as aluminum canopy for busduct housing & metal structure of data hall's hot aisle and cold aisle containment
  3. Design, customise, fabricate & install of cable containment system

Currently, we are diversifying the company's portfolio to include turnkey projects.

Fulfilling promises
Beyond clinching various accreditations, the company also aims to maintain credibility though integrity and professionalism by treating every project awarded seriously.

Busways Pte Ltd aims to be a committed one-stop service provider that delivers with exceptional quality in a prompt and cost-effective manner. We are proud to say that there have not been any delays in delivery thus far, only work done ahead of schedule.

ME05 - Electrical Engineering (L5)

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