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CRN/UEN: 201200905R


Nature of Business

LON Development Pte Ltd specialises in the construction & renovation of residential properties, and commercial buildings such as Bungalow, Semi-detached houses, Terrace houses, Condominium, Shop houses, Offices, and Factories. The company has built a remarkable reputation since its inception, with many satisfied customers extolling the keen attentiveness and excellent service provided.

Mr Kelvin Lim and his team at LON Development understand the importance of great teamwork to build private residential and commercial establishments with quality and efficiency that guarantees satisfaction. The efficiency and skill of the team has been invaluable in enabling it to deliver quality projects on time and within budget as well as propose alternative budgets based on client's individual needs.

The workers are multidisciplinary and comply to safety standards so that everyone works efficiently and safely. The project director visits the construction site daily, preferring to keep a close eye on the work progress. This allows him to immediately rectify any issue that may arise, and enables him to maintain conformances to the client's requirements.