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(Singapore Branch)
51 Goldhill Plaza
Singapore 308900

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Mr Oh Jung Taek


Nature of Business

Tuksu is a renowed company that specialises in the ground engineering with green image. Tuksu has been one of the leader in social infrastructure construction incorporating in a variety of its advanced techniques and effective working methods since its commencement in Korea in 1971, attributes to its constantly improved technology, effective design and working method along with the state-of-the-art equipment.

Tuksu Engineering & Construction Ltd, Singapore branch office is established since February 2007. Its initial project in Singapore is in the year 2008 for MRT Downtown Line Project, for the construction of diaphragm walling and heavy foundation.

The current services or products that Tuksu's provides are:
- Bored Piling
- Diaphragm Walling
- Front Jacking Solid Crossing
- Shield / Semi-shield Tunnelling
- Heavy Industries works

CW01 - General Building
CW02 - Civil Engineering
CR08 - Piling Works
GB1 - General Builder Class 1
SB(PW) - Specialist Builder (Piling Works)

Products & Services