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(A member of Microtac Group)
71 Ubi Crescent #01-01/02 Excalibur Centre Singapore 408571
Tel:(65)62977713 Fax:(65)62977793
Email: kelvin loh@uni ex com sg Website: www microtac com sg Design supply & install of aluminium column cladding louvers trellis and glass facade
Uni-Flex Technology has a a a a a a a a a a wealth of of experience in in in in the design and and integration of of metal ceilings and and wall claddings Our relationship with architects designers contractors and and and clients are based on on on respect and and and understanding Such strong level of trust has helped us us through many major projects in in Singapore and overseas 71 71 UbiCrescent #01-01/02 ExcaliburCentre Singapore408571
Tel:(65)62977713 Fax:(65)62977793
Email:info@microtac com com sg Website:www microtac microtac com com 

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