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ARDEX products are designed for operational performance, safety and long-service life that meets international standards and most of them are certified by Singapore Green Building Council.

ARDEX Tile & Stone Adhesive
ARDEX provides intelligent and trusted system solutions for every aspect of tiling: For tile and natural stone installations – indoors and outdoors – domestic and commercial projects. ARDEX Tiling systems include products for floor levelling, under tile waterproofing, tile adhesives, grouts and silicones. ARDEX’s adhesives for tiles and stones conform to the ISO 13007-1 & BS EN 12004 as well as other international standards. We offer cement-based adhesives, dispersion paste adhesives and reaction-resin adhesives and grouts.

ARDEX Flooring & Adhesive
ARDEX offers a selection of commercial flooring system comprising of primer coatings, finishing patching, a broad range of levelling compounds and flooring adhesive. Whether it’s tiling, carpet, vinyl or linoleum, ARDEX has the specialist products for these and many other floor coverings. They not only offer perfect adhesion but are also free of solvents and extremely low on emissions. Our products are certified by environmental organisations like Singapore Green Building Council and Emicode.

ARDEX Waterproofing
For a complete building envelope solution to waterproofing membranes. ARDEX waterproofing solutions are highly application specific. From sub-floor to roofing and external facade, ARDEX have a range of waterproofing system – liquid cold applied or preformed sheet membrane that ensure a water tight, leak free result. We offer damp proof membrane product to protect the paint, coating and floorcovering installation from residual construction moisture and rising damp, where the highest measurable moisture readings are present (up to 98% RH).

ARDEX under-tile waterproofing membranes are HDB’s approved materials.

ARDEX Industrial Flooring
ARDEX offer a complete range of industrial flooring products including concrete toppings, primers, epoxy coatings, damp proof membranes, screed renovation systems and polyurethane floor screeds suitable for all types of industrial flooring applications. Each product is the result of research and development with the help of industrial flooring contractors to ensure absolute product compatibility and market leading performance.
Our products are certified by Singapore Green Building Council and HACCP.

ARDEX Concrete Repair
ARDEX have a range of repair mortars to suit both industrial and residential applications especially when comes to repairing spalling concrete, anti-corrosion treatment of steel, repairing of steps and creating ramps both internally and externally. ARDEX offers rapid drying and early strength cementitious repair mortar product for urgent repairs and filling purposes without shrinkage.

ARDEX Surfaces
Decorative surfaces allow for a wide array of finished surfaces that install fast thanks to an exclusive self-drying technology, and last for decades. When installed over properly prepared substrates, they provide a consistent, smooth and flat floor with a unique appearance. ARDEX Surfaces are floor and wall toppings /coatings that range from turn-key pour and seal to designer or artistic floors that can match any designer’s vision. When you install ARDEX Surfaces, there are an aesthetically and durable finishes for years to come.

ARDEX products are tailored to the needs of their respective markets. For detailed product information, please visit us at

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