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Guthrie is a major stockist and distributor of electrical power products. While partnerships with renowned manufacturers such as SIEMENS and GE date back to the 1960s and year 2000 respectively, our continual effort to source and provide quality and innovative solutions has recently led us to embark on a new partnership with Merus Power Dynamics Oy, a Finland based provider of power quality solutions.

Henceforth, products distributed by Guthrie comprehensively include:
  • Control and Protection Devices : Circuit breakers, contactors, relays and etc.
  • Motors and Drives Systems : LV and MV motors, starters and variable speed drives.
  • Critical Power Systems : Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
  • Dynamic Power Compensation : Harmonics filters and VAR compensators.
  • Power Quality Solution : Unique and innovative Uninterrupted Power Quality (UPQ) solution.

Besides supplying, Guthrie has our own team of engineers and technicians to offer services such as designing, installing, testing and commissioning, and maintenance of systems. Take UPS for instance, we are providing 24/7 after sales services and support to ensure that our customers experience optimum uptime for their critical loads.

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