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With the escalating presence of raised access floorings for the business environment, designers and end-users are finding it troublesome when searching for a flooring product that will be suitable for wet areas, while still maintaining an architectural appeal.

Millennium 3 Building Products Pte Ltd, a leading access floor specialist, is pleased to introduce our new range of M3 Magnetic Vinyl Floor products that can be easily laid over most access floorings. Be it modular 600 x 600mm typical raised floor size, 18” x 18” modular carpet size, or linear wooden plank size to simulate timber flooring, our versatile products are guaranteed to be of top-notch quality and to look stunning.

On top of our impeccable standards, our products also promote a sustainable green building concept by being made from recycled materials, being maintenance free, as well as boasting quick and easy installation processes, and hassle-free replacement. Additionally, a wide spectrum of designs, patterns, colours and sizes are also available to be selected accordingly to the style and feel of your commercial buildings.

Believe us when we say that our products are made for raised access floorings.

Ms Flora Lee, Managing Director

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Ms Flora Lee, Managing Director
Mr Ronnie Zee, Project Director
Ms Alva Lee, Sales Director
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