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Jonite brings the sensory and practical qualities of stone to your landscapes, imparting a visually soft appearance which feels luxurious to the touch. Touching this matte finish is like stroking the curve of natural stone, transforming spaces into showcases for elegant material inspired by nature.

Available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes, Jonite tree grates effortlessly integrate into the cityscape, providing space for trees to grow and develop their rooting systems, while allowing additional pedestrian traffic. The use of our tree grates help to circumvent rooting problems while adding flair and identity.

Masonry vs. Hardware
Unlike metal alternatives, Jonite's natural stone properties effectively synthesise with the surroundings for a pleasing feel.

Night Illumination
Jonite's tree grates allow fully customisable light ports or sockets for the installation of many different types of lights for night illumination to add an exciting dimension to the natural beauty of trees.

Embossed Insignia
With Jonite, you can easily emboss a corporate insignia or municipal logo right onto the tree grates in use in your environment, giving an exclusive identity to the locale.

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