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Foreword & Messages

Message by Immediate Past President, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA)

ADBC2122_MS04_SILA_PixA landscape architect is a designer, builder and steward of the environment. Our works are vast and varied, ranging from highly urbanized skyrise greenery projects to environmental projects where placemaking, biophilia and ecology take centerstage.

In a highly urbanized country like Singapore where very often our natural resources and heritage get marginalized in place for development, Landscape architects work as the link between the environment, biodiversity, people and the built environment. Landscape architects play an important role in environmental protection by designing and implementing projects that respect both our urban development needs and that of our environment.

As a valuable resource for the profession in achieving our endeavors, we would like to extend our congratulations on this latest edition of The Singapore Source Book for Architects, Designers & Building Contractors and our continued support for the directory. Hopefully this source book will not just be a source of material reference but also a source of inspiration and collaboration, with City in Nature as our collective vision.

Ronnie Tan
Immediate Past President, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA)