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Message by President, Singapore Electrical Trades Association (SETA)

ADBC2021_MS03_SETA_PIxDemand and use of electrical energy have changed tremendously over recent years. Until recently, electrical energy could not be stored in a feasible manner. Energy efficiency and use of renewable energy are now getting a lot of attention down the energy supply chain. In the face of rising energy demand and a need to limit greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency has become a pillar of the global development goals.

The Singapore market is no different. The growth of our electrical industry is not limited by the physical size of our country, as demonstrated by the expansion of our testbeds from kWh-peak to MWh-peak. On the energy efficiency front, it is not enough to focus only on the performance of individual devices and we are moving towards measurement and knowledge of complete systems.

With rapid development in energy storage and energy efficiency, smart energy utilization specifiers and owners are facing the problem of getting the right information in a timely manner.

The Singapore Electrical Trades Association (SETA) congratulates Marshall Cavendish Business Information Pte Ltd for continuing to publish the Singapore Source Book for Architects, Designers & Building Contractors. This valuable resource will allow specifiers, contractors and system integrators to easily source for electrical and electronics equipment, devices and sensors that will meet the needs of the owners and developers.

As SETA sees the trend of fast pace development in life-cycle management and overall costs of operating efficient equipment, it is our hope that such vital information and system solutions can be listed in the source book for years to come.

Louis Lim
President, Singapore Electrical Trades Association (SETA)