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Acoustical Wall Finishes

Acoustic wall finishes are a variety of methods to create a wall finishing that works to help absorb or block sounds in a confined space. Acoustical walls can be constructed in many different materials and finishes. The ideal acoustical wall finishing are those without a face or finish material that interferes with the acoustical infill or substrate. Fabric covered panels used as a wall finishing… More

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Our products include NV Soundtrack, NV Absorboard, NV Metal Lining, NV Perforated Board that can be applied to wall or ceiling for effective sound absorption. Applications: Performance arena, Office space, Meeting room, Discussion room, Seminar room,… More



Our products NV Akustik Door, NV Akustik Glaze Panelling, NV Isolation Wall to suit each project's requirement. Applications: Commercial building, Institutional building, Healthcare building, Government building, Entertainment building, M&E plantroom,… More



Our range of NV Akustik Isolator floor include impact foam / mat system, neoprene system, spring isolation system. Applications: Gym floor, Stage floor, Dance floor, Performance floor, Exercise floor, Equipment floor, Activity floor. CONTACTS Mr Jackie… More

Established in 1997, Eurasia is a leading supplier of decorative acoustic solutions in Asia. We are committed to helping architects and designers exercise their creativity by offering products that fulfil functional and aesthetic requirements. Eurasia… More