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Interior Luminaires

Interior luminaires are a type of light fixture generally installed within a building. Uplights can be used to replace or complement traditional downlights, which direct light down from the ceiling towards the floor. Luminaires are often classified by their wattage and color temperature. In recent years, LED based luminaires have become popular choices due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan,… More

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  Infinla is a high powered compact fluorescent lamp created to replace conventional outdoor lights like the sodium and mercury lamps that are widely use in commercial and industrial areas. It uses amalgam technology which is an alloy of mercury… More



  DLuces Electrodeless Discharge Lamp (EDL) system is based on the existing theory of electrodeless lighting technology. Unlike conventional incandescent lamp, the electrode in a conventional lamp is replaced by an induction coil which discharges… More



  DLuces T8 LED tube uses special designed heat sink to enhance LED lifespan for up to 50,000 hours and maintain consistence performance and color stability. Suitable for many application due to its excellent lumen efficacy and even distribution… More



An attractive high power LED highbay luminaire specially designed for use in warehouses, school halls, sports hall, production halls, food markets, bus terminals, etc Its housing is made from high quality aluminium extrusions with specially designed… More



  DLuces ® LED downlight uses high tech energy saving and environmental friendly LEDs as light source that consume only 10% of the energy required by the traditional light, e.g. PL luminaries without compromising the luminance level. In addition,… More