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Wood Treatment

Wood treatment is a process or substance that when applied to wood will keep it safe from dangers such as rot, insects or water damage longer than if the wood was left untreated. There are a large number of different chemical and mechanical processes used to treat wood. The most common substance used in non-industrial wood is copper. As far as purely mechanical processes, heat and fire treatment is… More


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  Natural wood colour enhances the beauty of the wood High resistance to wear, scuff marks and scratches Low VOC, Green Label certified Quick drying time Whether you need shine, colour, slip resistance or durability, Bona can provide a solution.… More



  Water & Solvent Free - Zero VOC's Isocyanate feww silane technology Classified non-hazardous Will not stain hands Great rib stability - retains trowel pattern Suitable for concrete or timber subfloors Splashed materials can easily be removed… More



  Wood Floor Cleaner Spray Mop Polish Deep Clean Proper maintenance is vital when it comes to retaining the long-lasting beauty of wooden floors. Bona's floor care solutions are specially developed for cleaning and revitalising your wooden floors… More



  Sanding machines for wooden floors Dust Free Sanding Full range of abrasives The key to great sanding results lies in the perfect combination of machines and abrasives used. Bona's sanding tools not only deliver exceptional results, our systems… More