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Mr James Ong, Managing Director
Ms Adeline Chai, Admin Manager


Nature of Business

With over 20 years of experience in the field, our team works closely with homeowners, architects, and professional consultants. We take into consideration individual client's tastes, preference and understand their requirements to customize the space to suit their needs and bringing about solutions to make their dream home a reality.

Our mission is to achieve total customer satisfaction.

At Artisan, the desire for an individualistic, beautiful and practical dream kitchen is obtainable through curated brands from Europe, with various collections of kitchen cabinetry from traditional hand-painted solid wood to sleek minimalist modern design with unique finishing.

To make it a wholesome experience and easily available to you, German Quality sanitary wares and Luxurious Italian furniture with styles ranging from traditional, transitional, industrial or contemporary; Artisan has thought it out for you.

Having a creative mind and in need of a top-notch fabricator to bring your idea to life? Artisan, working together with our carpentry firm - Artico, creates the opportunity to customize quality locally manufactured cabinetry for clients wanting more customization than what the imported systems can offer.

Awards & Accolades
  • Singapore's Outstanding Enterprise (2011)
  • Singapore Excellence Award (2011/2012)
  • Singapore SME 500 (2012)
  • Singapore Entrepreneurs' Award (2013)

Following are our Range of Curated European Brands:

  • Couturier of the kitchen industry
  • Innovative technology and Functional solutions
  • Traditional Tuscan craftsmanship
  • Use of luxurious unique materials

The story of TONCELLI,
An extraordinary adventure, where the amazing Italian woodworking culture has been applied to a contemporary "tailored" kitchen:
The love of wood and the expertise gained in processing it has remained unchanged since 1960, the year the company was established in Peccioli, Italy.

TONCELLI kitchen emphasizes the unique characteristics of each material, its distinguish features, its different grains, and textures.

  • Inventiveness, Innovation, Workmanship, and Precision
  • Design and Functionality solution
  • Highest level of quality down to the last detail
  • Design Award & Quality Labels

ZEYKO is exquisite kitchen manufacturing in the Black Forest, combining craftsmanship with the latest technology. The loves of quality, nature, and materials, as well as the warmth of the people from the Black Forest, have a significant influence on the values, which are lived daily at ZEYKO.

Consequently, the name ZEYKO is synonymous with the highest quality. ZEYKO kitchens are manufactured in a way that preserves energy sources. As early as 1984, ZEYKO distinguished itself with the first Bio Kitchen, which set standards in kitchen ecology - ZEYKO stands for sustainability right down to the last detail.

  • Premium design
  • Perfect functionality
  • Meticulous craftsmanship
  • Peak longevity

KEUCO products impress with excellent design, ease-of-use, and technical sophistication. Since its founding in 1953, design and function have always played a decisive role. Products must combine aesthetic form with sensible functionality - a standard that is systematically applied, from the idea right to the product.

KEUCO products are the result of intensive development work, the use of premium materials and meticulous workmanship. To achieve optimum results, we combine high-tech manufacturing with painstaking handcrafting.
The impressive thing about KEUCO products is their immaculate surfaces, maximum longevity, and perfect functionality.

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