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CRN/UEN: 201218262G


Nature of Business

Combind Supplies Pte Ltd is the supplier of Aluminium Composite Materials under the brand name "COMBIND™". Located at 80 Joo Koon Circle, Singapore, we also provide a regional network across Asia to ensure that all our customers' needs are well attended. Our slogan is 'With Us, You're Complete' and to achieve this, it is our mandate to maintain the quality and assurance in our products, thus advanced Quality Check and Management is being practiced. This is the reliability assurance we offer to our customers, giving them the confidence in choosing us. With our dedicated Sales Team, we provide a one-stop solution provider to Aluminium Composite Materials, and to provide all our customers a sense of "complete-ness".

Growing along with the improvement in technology, we are constantly innovating to produce higher specification product range. At the same time, giving our customers a competitive cost saving solutions to meet their budgetary needs. Our products are highly customisable to meet any project's requirements and we provide wide selections of colours & surfaces.

Having our products tested in TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore, we assure our products are tested to the strictest possible classification. With quality service excellence, Combind Supplies Pte Ltd looking forward to providing comprehensive products, and we are ready to accept all projects regardless of scale.