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7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
#05-34 Northstar @ AMK
Singapore 569880

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Mr Lee Chih Fei
Mobile:(65) 9695 5522
Mr Shaun Lam
Mobile: (65) 9848 5845
Ms Tasha Teo
Mobile: (65) 9144 4577


Nature of Business

  1. SuperCool Window Films -

    • Background - SuperCool Window Films is one of Singapore's leading solar film supplier, that provides heat and light control to building & home owners, who are experiencing uncomfortable temperatures & strong glare from the sun, resulting in increased energy consumption, high internal ambient temperatures & deteriorating furnishings - like faded furniture & curtains, cracked leather upholstery, discoloured wooden flooring, popped laminates and peeling wallpaper.

    • Products Range - SuperCool Window Films carries a wide array of products, from our New Generation Infusion Technology (NGIT) films with 100% protection from the FULL UV spectrum - that also prevents eye and skin related problems, to our Safety & Security Films - that prevent injuries from unexpected glass breakage and shattering. Our range include:
      • Pure Nano-Ceramic Films
      • Hybrid Ceramic & Sputter Technology Films
      • Mirror Reflective & Decorative Type Films
      • Frosted and Opaque Privacy Films
      • Glass Safety & Security Films

    • Summary - Our team of dedicated sales personnel will walk you through the important selection process & competently administer the correct range of products, for your needs. Our installers are well trained and will definitely provide you with excellent workmanship.

  2. Landed House Building, Renovation & Carpentry Works -

    • Background - The Deep Blue group of companies was started by 2 close friends in 2005. Between them, they have more than 36 years in building, renovation & carpentry works. They understood the need for conscientious planning, diligent management of work and forward thinking. They starting out developing their own projects, but quickly realised in order to get better quality control and improved scheduling of the projects, they needed to minimise the reliance on the 3rd party sub-contractors by building up an in-house capability and obtaining the required know-how.

    • Ethos & Values - Deep Blue Concepts Pte Ltd has leveraged on the basic values like accountability, discipline and a close attention to detail, to build a loyal customer base. We have our own tools, factory and carpentry workshop. Thus, not just being able to deliver quality services, but also to deliver them, on time!

    • Skill sets - Currently, in a landed building project, the company is capable of delivering their expertise and know-how to nearly 90% of the contract sum, without the need of sub-contractors or 3rd parties. Our abilities includes design & build of landed homes, building & construction renovation services & carpentry works, in both landed residential, apartments and commercial projects. Specifically:
      • Plumbing / Sewerage works
      • RC foundations and steel structural works
      • Brick and plastering walls
      • Roofing and waterproofing
      • Glass doors and balusters
      • Pool and pond construction
      • Tiling, spray coat textures and painting
      • Wood work and carpentry

    • Summary - This passion and self determination has lead Deep Blue Concepts Pte Ltd to project confidence to our potential customers and has lead to constant referrals by our existing customers.