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21 Gul Avenue
Jurong Town
Singapore 629661

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Mr Adrian Yeo, Director


Nature of Business

Sales & Marketing Division:
Marketing and sales of all thermal insulation products.

Manufacturing & Logistics Division:
Manufacturing and fabrication of thermal insulation products.

Engineering & Contracts Division:
Provide design, supply & installation of insulation works.

Insulation Products
KCC Hi-Wool Marine Slab
- For A60 Bulk & Deck head

RockTech Maritime W/M & Pipe Cover
- For marine insulation with DNV certification

Foster Fiberglass Blanket, Slab & Pipe cover
- For general insulation

Isolite Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Board, Modular, Paper Rope & Tape
- For Boiler, Furnace & Oven

Foslite Calcium Silicate Slab & Pipe Cover
- For steam & hot insulation

Pittsburgh Corning Foamglas Slab & Pipe Cover
- For hot & cold insulation

Polyurethane & Polyisocynurate Slab & Pipe Cover
- For cold insulation

Phenolic Slab & Pipe Cover
- For cold insulation

Fiberglass Fabric, Rope & Tape
- For product finishing & mattress insulation

Aluminium Foil & Tape
- For finishing & lamination of insulation

Foster Mastic, Coating & Adhesive Compound
- For pipe work application

Fastener & Accessories
- Insulation pin & glue, Lock washer, Lacing hook & Toggle latch

ASC Stonewool Slab
- For general building insulation

Knauf Gypsum System
- For drywall partition and ceiling

Durkflex Elastomeric Insulation
- Closed cell insulation

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