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Mr Lexter Chen, Business Development Manager


Nature of Business

Jonite is a hardscape solution provider and a manufacturer of innovative and decorative stone (reinforced) architectural products like decorative grates, driveway drain covers, tree grilles, pool grates, floor traps and street furniture. Jonite products and designs come in wide engaging collections or are fully customisable to bring a fresh vision to landscapes, interiors and driveways, transforming ordinary surroundings into a unique expression that celebrates creativity and passion.

Traditional grates have very weak tensile strength and are very difficult to maintain; Jonite gratings, however, can sustain a vehicular loading of 40 tonnes and above when specified correctly. Containing more than 95 percent of natural minerals and aggregates, the products are also able to blend seamlessly with other natural materials. Jonite is customisable to any shape, size, texture, colour and design, providing a high level of flexibility for architects and designers to customise designs catered to specific themes and styles of architecture.

Green Label
In recent times, demand for green and eco-friendly technology and building materials is increasing exponentially. Jonite is Green Label certified as it meets the Singapore Environment Council (SEC)'s requirements of having low carbon emissions and using 30% or more of recycled content. In the drive towards sustainable construction, the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA)'s Green Mark scheme recognises the use of Green Label certified products and merit points for its usage.