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2 Jurong East Street 21
#04-17 IMM Building
Singapore 609601

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Mr Kene Neo


Nature of Business

Quads Supplies Pte Ltd is committed in servicing the interior and construction industry by providing quality furnishing materials and services. Our good varieties of products are available to meet the diverse needs of designers, architects, builders, property owners, contractors and other professionals. Ranging from VF PVC Click System flooring, VY Vinyl Adhesive System flooring, Homogeneous Porcelain tiles, Carpets, Artificial Grass, Craft Stones, Wallpapers, Self-Adhesive Laminates & Wall Tiles to Painting Service.

Quads is constantly sourcing for new ideologies to keep our challenge in the dynamic and changing environment. Driven by our passion, Quads always embark on an expedition to find the answer in investigating minerals and new technologies to sustain benefits of being environmental friendly knowing that natural sources are becoming scarce and costly.

Quads was awarded the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise in 2015, obtained the BCA's supplier grading SY06 in 2016 and BCA's contractor grading CR06 in 2018, and is constantly looking forward to getting more achievements and challenges to provide more contributions to the industry.