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CRN/UEN: 198901290K


Nature of Business

Singapore’s heritage brand for more than three decades
Serving Singapore’s needs since 1989, Saniton has found its way into countless households, offices, institutions, shopping malls and hotels in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. Our ceramic products, evolving from our passion for pottery, are made from natural raw materials sourced from around the world. With our own production facilities, we maintain a high degree of craftsmanship in our production lines to ensure that only beautifully styled products leave our assembly lines.

Striving to be Singaporeans’ choice for beautiful, modern and high quality bathroom wares, our designers are constantly innovating to improve the water efficiency, comfort, design and sustainability of our products. Moving forward into the future, we continue to work on our vision of transforming the way bathrooms are designed, to create a pleasant bathroom experience that is hygienic, comfortable and improves the quality of your everyday life. As a trusted Singapore brand, we take pride in knowing that our products live up to our customers’ demands in terms of design and functionality.

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