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54 Woodlands Industrial Park E7
Singapore 757826

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Mr Thomas Ang, Chairman
Mr Tan Yeow Hoe, Managing Director
Mr Vincent Lok, Marketing Manager


Nature of Business

At Saniton it all begins with a desire to provide beautifully designed and quality sanitary wares that are sustainably produced and affordable for the people of Singapore.

Our ceramic products, evolving from our passion for pottery and porcelain, are made from natural raw materials of the highest quality and sourced from around the world. We maintain a great degree of craftsmanship in our production line to ensure that only beautifully styled products leave our assembly lines. With our commitment towards water conservation, our designers are also constantly innovating to improve the water efficiency of our products as part of our dedication to make water saving a way of life.

Serving Singapore’s needs since 1991, Saniton has found its way into countless households, offices, institutions, shopping malls and hotels in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. Our commitment towards producing quality sanitary wares have also been recognised with our certification under the ISO 9001 system and our products being well rated under Singapore’s National Water Agency, the Public Utilities Board’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme.

Poised to move forward in the 21st century, we continue to work on our vision of transforming the way bathrooms are designed to create a pleasant bathroom experience that is clean, comfortable and improves the quality of everyday life. As a trusted Singapore brand, we take pride in knowing that our products not only exude raw beauty but provide reliable performance towards meeting your needs.

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and bizSAFE Level 3.