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Fumiaki Takano
President IFLA ARP, International Federation of Landscape Architects, Asia-Pacifix
There are countries that have a happy life while nurturing the relationship between nature and people, and there are energetic countries that are developing at a rapid speed. Landscape capabilities and knowledge are needed in every country. I want to inform you that the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) exists and that we have the desire to work together.
I want to cherish the heart of learning together. Through our members, we realise the diversity of civilisation, culture and environment. We can appreciate the unique nature of Asia and its true richness that people often forget because of its rapid development.
It is very important for the younger generation to experience landscape practices in different countries. By recognising differences in culture, tradition, nature, etc., you can return to the fundamentals of landscape design.
Our IFLA members are dedicated to our commitment to sustainability and climate change that have now become primary factors of our work. We invite developers, builders and creators to work closely with the Landscape Architects of IFLA to be innovative and ready to meet the future needs of our people.
It is with this thought I leave you, as you prepare for your projects despite the challenging times ahead of you.

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