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The end of Covid-19 pandemic is now? Definitely not, we are expected to start the new normal.
Energy efficiency and use of renewable energy together with energy storage will change the landscape for the building sector and the development of its products. We need to consider the supply chain so as to stay relevant and ready for the growth of the electrical and electronic trades.
Delivery to site and the strong drive for Prefabricated MEP, mechanical, electrical and plumbing will be game-changing for supply, packing and installation sequence. Acceptance test at factories and at site were affected, especially during the circuit-breaker, but fortunately digitalization and digital equipment have enabled the work to be done remotely – a changing game.
Louis Lim
President, Singapore Electrical Trades Association (SETA)
With the introduction of electric vehicle chargers, smart estates and smart solutions, Singapore Electrical Trades Association (SETA) members are also expecting installation trade to be affected by the products, especially when now we need to consider waste disposal in mitigating impact on the environment.
SETA congratulates Marshall Cavendish Business Information Pte Ltd for the continuous effort to publish the Singapore Source Book for Architects, Designers & Building Contractors. This valuable resource will allow specifiers, contractors and system integrators to easily source for electrical and electronics equipment, devices and sensors that will meet the needs of the owners and developers.
SETA is glad to have the privilege to work together with Marshall Cavendish over the years and wishes everyone well in adjusting to the changes as businesses go on-line and digital.

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