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Conductors & Cables

Wires and cables are rated by the circuit voltage, temperature and environmental conditions (moisture, sunlight, oil, chemicals) in which they can be used. Colour codes are used to distinguish line, neutral and ground (earth) wires. Cables may be fire-resistant/flame-retardant, unarmored or armored, power or signal(control) cables, and insulated with various materials such as PVC and XLPE.

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LanRic (S) Pte Ltd (formerly known as Anson Mechanical Engineering Pte Ltd) started production activities in 1981. We have over 37 years of background knowledge and experience in the cable management system industry. Our products are designed to support… More

MANUFACTURED TO: Singapore Standard, BS, IEC and to customer specification PRODUCT RANGE : POWER CABLES PVC insulation cable PVC/PVC flexible cable PVC/PVC sheathed single and multi-core control cable PVC/SWA/PVC armoured cable XLPE/AWA/PVC single-core… More

Manufacturer of low and medium voltage power cables, control and instrumentation cables which includes and not limited to; PVC insulated PVC/PVC flexible PVC/PVC single and multi-core PVC/SWA/PVC multi-core armoured XLPE/AWA/PVC single-core armoured… More