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CRN/UEN: 198003567M

40 Tuas Avenue 9
Singapore 639188

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Mr Cheong Yoke Sak
Mobile: (65) 9672 0824
Mr Michael Cheong
Mobile: (65) 9476 7976
Ms Janet Tan
Mobile: (65) 9182 1500
Mr Gregory Tay
Mobile: (65) 9487 4066
Mr Tan Boon Teck
Mobile: (65) 9618 0523


Nature of Business

LanRic (S) Pte Ltd (formerly known as Anson Mechanical Engineering Pte Ltd) started production activities in 1981. We have over 37 years of background knowledge and experience in the cable management system industry.

Our products are designed to support electrical power, telephone, computer, fiber optic, and well thought out cablings which form part of the wide range of LanRic Cable Management System to meet the needs of wiring installations in buildings.

Our products are manufactured to quality and standards comply with ISO 9001:2015.

Our products' range include:
  • Cable trunking & accessories (SS 249:1981 or equivalent)
  • Cabling tray & accessories (BS EN 61537)
  • Cabling ladder & accessories (BS EN 61537)
  • Flush floor trunking system
  • Under floor trunking system
  • Raised floor trunking system
  • Wire mesh cable tray
  • Steel conduit system (BS 31 and BS 4568)
  • uPVC conduit (BS EN 61386)
  • Strut support system
  • Flexible conduit system