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 accelerate the adoption of promising building energy-efficient technologies and solutions in the industry.
The support of the Green Buildings Innovation Cluster (GBIC), which was set up by BCA in 2014 with an initial grant of S$52 million from National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF), has enabled the development of several energy-efficient technologies. Over the past five years, GBIC has supported a total of 32 projects, many of which have been translated into industry solutions and have been adopted in actual building projects in Singapore and overseas. Samwoh Smart Hub project is also a recipient of the GBIC fund in recognition of its
efforts in adopting promising building energy- efficient technologies and solutions.
Another example is SMU’s Tahir Foundation Connexion, a net zero energy building, currently under construction and due to be completed by Q3 2020. MKPL Architects designed the building to respond to the surroundings and tropical climate through the use of advanced cooling systems as well as on-site solar energy and sensors, leading to energy savings of 500MWh per year, comparable to the energy consumption of 110 4-room HDB flats a year. The Tahir Foundation Connexion and its campus-wide green initiatives showed that going green makes good business sense. MKPL Architects was also
involved in two SLE projects and in more than five Green Mark higher rating projects.
In a commitment to support the national drive toward SLE buildings, NRF provided a funding of S$20 million to enhance the GBIC programme. This was announced by National Development Minister Lawrence Wong at the opening of the inaugural International Built Environment Week (IBEW), organised by BCA, on 4 September 2019.
The latest recipient of grant support as a GBIC-Demonstration project is the PSA Corporation, who will develop a Net Zero Energy Building as part of the Tuas Port, projected to

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