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                 SINGAPORE BUILDERS DIRECTORY 2022/2023
While local and regional opportunities abound, businesses were advised to continue to innovate with technology, digitalisation and collaboration to succeed in the post-COVID landscape.
Sharing his outlook for the year, Mr Kelvin Wong, BCA CEO said, “I am relatively bullish about the pipeline that is coming up, but I think the main fear I have is going back to the old ways of doing things.”
Mr Wong highlighted three areas for businesses to progress.
1. Transform to improve productivity
Companies are encouraged to tap on various Government initiatives to transform their businesses and hire locals.
• Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), which provides customised support to help firms upgrade their business capabilities, innovate or venture overseas
• Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), which provides co-funding (capped at $30,000) to support costs of adopting pre-approved digital solutions for local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
• Productivity Innovation Project (PIP), which provides up to 70 percent co-funding for the costs of adopting technologies such as Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA) and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) in the Construction sector
Initiatives that involve growing a productive workforce include:
• Career Conversion Programmes (CCP), which offer up to 90 percent funding support for salary and training costs for firms to hire mid-career jobseekers and equip them with the necessary skills to take on jobs
• Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI), which provides salary support for firms looking to hire new local mature workers who have not been employed for at least six months, persons with disabilities, and ex- offenders
• iBuildSG Scholarship and Sponsorship Programme, which offers scholarships/ sponsorships jointly with firms in the Construction sector to high-calibre
students intending to pursue Built Environment courses at Institutes of Higher Learning
2. Improve regulatory processes by using digital innovations such as CORENET X, a one-stop integrated regulatory system.
With CORENET X, project teams can collaborate upfront to de-conflict their designs before making a coordinated Building Information Modeling (BIM) model to agencies, instead of individual consultants submitting plans to different agencies separately. This helps reduce discrepancies and abortive reworks downstream. It is expected to enable an efficient, faster and easier-to-navigate

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