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  S ingapore has weathered a few tough BCA projects the total construction demand
years in the built environment between
2015 and 2017. Since then, it has progressively begun to make a turnaround. In 2018, the demand in construction picked up to S$30.5 billion – a 23 percent increase from the year before. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in their press release on 8 January 2020 reported that in 2019, total construction demand expanded by 9.5 percent to reach S$33.4 billion, about S$1.4 billion higher than the upper end of BCA’s 2019 forecast of S$27 billion to S$32 billion. This was largely attributed to a higher than expected construction demand. In the private sector, demand increased for new petrochemical facilities by Linde and ExxonMobil and en bloc residential projects. In the public sector, construction demand grew with the award of industrial and institutional building projects in the Punggol Digital District, on top demand for major civil engineering projects. The total preliminary construction demand last year for the public and private sector was S$19 billion and S$14.4 billion respectively.
Despite the economic headwinds and global uncertainties, Singapore remains optimistic about the construction demand in 2020 and beyond.
in 2020 to range between S$28 billion and S$33 billion this year, with the public sector expected to take up about 60 percent of the projected demand, reaching S$17.5 billion and S$20.5 billion, spurred by major infrastructure projects such as the Integrated Waste Management Facility, infrastructure works for Changi Airport Terminal 5, Jurong Region MRT Line and Cross Island MRT Line. For the private sector, construction demand is projected to be between S$10.5 billion and S$12.5 billion this year, supported by projects such as redevelopment of en bloc sale sites, recreational developments at Mandai Park, Changi Airport new taxiway and berth facilities at Jurong Port and Tanjong Pagar Terminal.
Beyond 2020, construction demand is expected to hold steady, with the projected construction demand to be between S$27 and S$34 billion per year from 2021 to 2022, and between S$28 and S$35 billion per year from 2023 to 2024. The public sector will continue to lead demand and is expected to contribute S$16 billion to S$20 billion per year from 2021 to 2024 with building projects and civil engineering works each taking up about half of the demand. Besides public residential developments, public

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